From a very early age I have been able to see spirit forms and visions, predictions. The very first drawing I did was when I was two years old, a little pencil sketch of a North American Indian wearing a headband with feather and plaits, smoking. My mother kept the drawing in a photo album which unfortunately got lost after she passed away two years ago. I have also had many prophetic dreams and seen spirit forms all my life. This gift is something my family seemed to possess as I remember my grandmother telling me many wonderful stories about her experiences and those of her mother and grandmother.

In the 70's I did a number of spirit portraits in pastel, always done with my right hand whereas I am naturally left handed. During the drawing some information about the person would come through, as it does today. I was then able to write a little about the spirit. Most of the portraits were of guides .

During the 1980's I decided to stop doing the portraits and readings in order to focus on bringing up the family and concentrate on illustrating and other artwork which included book illustration, portraits and architectural studies. One of my artistic strengths is a gift of perspective and an ability to do representational drawing, hence I can accurately draw the spirit image.

Over the past few months I had been thinking more and more about my ability to do psychic portraits and I had the opportunity to explore this once again while I was overseas for three months. What has been more amazing has been the reaction of people who have seen and sometimes recognised the drawings, as if they had been meant for their eyes, too many to be called mere coincidences.

I have no control over who will appear in the drawing, the information is channelled through me, I am the instrument.

It has been an amazing experience and I have done twelve spirit portraits since starting again, a number of which are on my Facebook page.